Happy birthday Rin!

It was great to celebrate Rin’s birthday today. We are so lucky to live in an international community, we were able to sing for her in English, French, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Chinese and Ukrainian!


Fitness Football Challenge!

This month we are dedicated to wellness. As we know, taking care of our body is a great part of our wellbeing, so our girls are taking part in the Fitness Challenge organised by Mr. Rob 🙂 Today the challenge was to hit a football as many times as possible. Of course, the winner was Chihana, with a record of 3 minutes 14 seconds, and she could have kept going!

House Rep and House Captain

In our boarding houses, we have a House rep and House Captain to support their fellow students and give them a voice if they feel they have something they want to share. Two of our students came upfront and volunteered to take on these roles. Both of them will be a role-model to our community and we feel they are capable of this and more 🙂 Allow us to introduce them to you…


Paria Jowkar

Paria was house captain last year. As an experienced and returning student, she will lead by example and give voice to our girls in front of the whole community. She presented her candidature in the form of a poem which warmed our spirits and demonstrated her amazing use of words. We knew right away she would be perfect for this role!


Manuela Kapose

Manuela is a new student at school, but since the first day her warm and caring personality has brought her many friends and made her a support for those around her. We believe she will be a great leader for our girls.


What a perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon! Today, Annie, Amy and Berru decided to spend their time baking some sweet treats. Cupcakes, apple crumble, peach cobbler… Old Portena smells like cinnamon!

Saturday Geneva outing

This afternoon we enjoyed our usual afternoon in Geneva. It’s a great opportunity to relax, do some shopping, enjoy the city atmosphere and enjoy some of our favorite snacks! Today was specially busy, as we needed to get the last bits and pieces for our upcoming Mountain Weekend 🙂 after our long day, we are getting ready for a Disney movie night!

STEAM club egg drop

STEAM stands for Science Technology Engineering Art and Maths. For the first session of this year, our students participated in the Egg Drop challenge! Helium balloons, recycled materials, PET bottles, parachutes… and of course a little bit of art to give life to our eggs. Chisa did an amazing job and both of her eggs survived!

We love our sports

Social hour is the perfect time to enjoy playing some sports with friends. With the last weeks of Summer rapidly approaching, some of our girls decided to spent their time participating in some outdoor activities.


Afternoon at the lake

This afternoon, we had the perfect Summer afternoon in Versoix, so we thought it was the perfect opportunity to enjoy an afternoon by the lake! We walked down all together and enjoyed some local snacks.


Welcome Dinner!

Classes have already started at Collège du Léman, and we thought the best way to celebrate was having a traditional Swiss dinner. Yum! Our students enjoyed a lovely night all together, filled with cheese, laughter and lots of Swiss flags. We captured some of their best moments 🙂