Servette vs BSC Young Boys

Dear all,

This evening, all of the Saint-Loup 9 house, including some guests, were lucky to head over to the Stade de Geneve to watch FC Servette play BSC Young Boys, as part of our House Activity. It was a thrilling time, and the boys seemed to really enjoy it; so much so that not even the copious amount of rain, thunder or lightning was able to spoil the mood!

The SL9 Team

Busy Day in the Saint-Loup Houses!

Dear all,

It has been a busy Wednesday across both the Saint-Loup houses today.

In the evening we held a joint-Saint-Loup House Meeting to discuss two very important topics. This was also something of a special occassion as it signified the very last House Meeting that some of our our boarders in the houses attended, as graduation for them is fast approaching.

The first topic was to continue our ongoing discussion about our latest Pillar Movement, looking at making safe and responsible choices/decisions. This week in particular we investigated, ‘How can I help myself and others when making a difficult decsion?’ This discussion was made all the easier by the fantastic video put together by Mr. Manu and the Pillar Student Advocates.

To end our meeting, and to put a poignant note on this blog post, we took a moment to talk about the ongoing tragedy in Brazil,  the southern region of which has been facing a flooding natural disaster that has wrecked havoc. Our very own Eduardo, took the lead to guide us through this difficult conversation. He informed us about what has happened, what is happening currently, and, for those of us who watch from afar, what we can do to help, in a very real way. Thank you Eduardo.

Boarding Assembly, Pillar Five and USA Intl. Dinner

Dear all,

It has been a busy day today, with much to unpack!

The Boarding Community held its May Assembyl, the first time we have all been together since the April Break. A lot of topics got covered, including two particular subjects of note: The May Fitness Challenge and the start of Pillar Five.

As we approach exam season, there can be a lot of stress and anxiety that can get us down. So this fun challenge, with a new activity for every day of the month is designed to burn off some steam and allow our students a chance for some respite from all the hard studying they’re doing. With plenty of rewards and healthy competition to keep things interesting, bring it on! Thank you Ms. Perrine and Ms. Iola for organising this!

This evening, Mr. Manu introduced Pillar 5, Making Safe and Responsible Choices, the final pillar in this years Well-being program. As our students transition into adulthood, particularly for those preparing for college, the significance of this topic cannot be overstated. In a world filled with a myriad of influences, both online and offline, teenagers encounter numerous temptations. It is imperative that they cultivate robust, healthy morals and ideals to navigate these challenges, while staying true to themselves.

To top the evening off, the international dinner for this week was from the good ol’ U.S. of A. Chicken wings, barbecue ribs – whats not to like?

A Weekend in Berlin

Dear all,

While those of us who stuck around the campus this weekend were able to take part in all the usual amazing activites offered for us –  a group of students were able to utilise their weekend to the maximum and visit Berlin!

Included in this group was our very own Luiz Eduardo, who simply loved the trip, returning home on Sunday evening tired, yet thrilled, at all the things he was given the chance to see. From walking tours, to a river a cruise and seeing the Berliner Fernsehturm Television Tower – there was certainly a lot to enjoy!



Talent Show 2024

Dear all,

Yesterday the boarding community held its much anticipated annual talent show! It was a joy to be in the presence of so many talented students and it was an incredible amount of fun!

The big debate here in SL9 was which of our students’ amazing gifts we would submit for the show – but we think we did a pretty good job. Please see below.

Well done lads! And to evryone who took part, fantastic work!

The Saint-Loup 9 Team

The next Beathoven – David, our House MC – Luiz Eduardo, and our master water-bottler flipper – Eduardo.

Weekend Tale from Saint-Loup 9!

Dear all,

It has been a busy past couple of days for the boys here in SL9 – from destressing at the end of a hard week, celebrating friend’s birthdays, taking part in a charity football tournament, practising boxing skills, and perhaps even a small wander to the Festichoc festival in Versoix or an exploration in Geneva… An exciting couple of days to recharge the batteries!

The Saint-Loup 9 Team

Boxing lessons pack a punch, motor shows drive it home

Dear all,

The Saint-Loup 9 boys had an action packed time this weekend. Certain highlights are certainly the long awaited boxing lessons taking place here in Versoix. As well as the opportunity to go to the 2024 Geneva Motor Show.

It is a tired household on this late Sunday, but everyone throughly enjoyed all they had the chance to do over the past few days.

The Saint-Loup Team

Indian International Dinner Night

Dear all,

Tonight we took a journey over to India and had the privlige of enjoying a lovely butter chicken dish, accompanied by an assortment of other traditional delicacies.

Thank you to the all the cooking team for their incredible work!

The Saint-Loup Team ❤️