Busy Day in the Saint-Loup Houses!

Dear all,

It has been a busy Wednesday across both the Saint-Loup houses today.

In the evening we held a joint-Saint-Loup House Meeting to discuss two very important topics. This was also something of a special occassion as it signified the very last House Meeting that some of our our boarders in the houses attended, as graduation for them is fast approaching.

The first topic was to continue our ongoing discussion about our latest Pillar Movement, looking at making safe and responsible choices/decisions. This week in particular we investigated, ‘How can I help myself and others when making a difficult decsion?’ This discussion was made all the easier by the fantastic video put together by Mr. Manu and the Pillar Student Advocates.

To end our meeting, and to put a poignant note on this blog post, we took a moment to talk about the ongoing tragedy in Brazil,  the southern region of which has been facing a flooding natural disaster that has wrecked havoc. Our very own Eduardo, took the lead to guide us through this difficult conversation. He informed us about what has happened, what is happening currently, and, for those of us who watch from afar, what we can do to help, in a very real way. Thank you Eduardo.

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