Welcome back

After a well deserved Easter break, our students are back in St-Loup for the final stretch before the end of the school year.

Both Luis and Eduardo enjoyed some time with their families during the holiday break, travelling far away from Versoix.

On the other hand, David spent time with his friends on a school trip in Tanzania and Zanzibar where he engaged in a variety of different activities. These include visiting a coffee farm, helping build a goat shed as part of a community project, going on a safari to see the wildlife, and learning about the local traditions and cuisine. This trip is sure to have a lasting effect on him, providing him with life experience and memories that will last a lifetime.

After what has been an eventful break, the boys are ready to face the final couple of months before the summer holidays.


Happy Easter holidays !

Dear Parents,

With the Easter break fast approaching, we understand that many of you will be planning special gatherings and activities , or simply spending quality time together, we hope that your holiday is filled with love, laughter, and cherished memories.

We have a special thought for the brave boarders who will be travelling to Tanzania and  Zanzibar. It will be an enchanting experience, with exploration of quaint villages, verdant coffee plantations, and the captivating Dolly Bush Estate, where a night of camping beneath the stars awaits them. Several days are dedicated to meaningful service projects at Dolly Primary School, offering them the chance to make a lasting impact by contributing to community development. We are so proud of them. They will also experience the thrill of a safari adventure in Tarangire National Park,  amidst breath-taking landscapes.  From sea safaris to spice tours in Zanzibar, each day will offer a new opportunity for exploration and discovery. They will be forever touched by the beauty and spirit of Tanzania. We also want to assure you that they are in good hands. Our staff will be here to ensure that they are well cared for and that their holiday experience is a positive one.

Once again, we wish you and your family a joyful Easter holiday filled with love, happiness, and the warmth of cherished company. Thank you for being valued members of our boarding community. 


Talent Show 2024

Dear all,

Yesterday the boarding community held its much anticipated annual talent show! It was a joy to be in the presence of so many talented students and it was an incredible amount of fun!

The big debate here in SL9 was which of our students’ amazing gifts we would submit for the show – but we think we did a pretty good job. Please see below.

Well done lads! And to evryone who took part, fantastic work!

The Saint-Loup 9 Team

The next Beathoven – David, our House MC – Luiz Eduardo, and our master water-bottler flipper – Eduardo.

Weekend Tale from Saint-Loup 9!

Dear all,

It has been a busy past couple of days for the boys here in SL9 – from destressing at the end of a hard week, celebrating friend’s birthdays, taking part in a charity football tournament, practising boxing skills, and perhaps even a small wander to the Festichoc festival in Versoix or an exploration in Geneva… An exciting couple of days to recharge the batteries!

The Saint-Loup 9 Team

What a delicious week-end !

The most part of our raining week-end turned around eating, and cooking.

What a delicious week-end !

First on Saturday night we had the joy to welcome Emma’s friends, with whom we could celebrate Internationalism (So it was our part II of our  “LET’S CELEBRATE INTERNATIONALISM”. It was wonderful to see 4 different young ladies, with three different nationalities, cooking together a Brazilian dessert, and a very special kind of pizza. They danced, laughed and watched a movie together. One of them even slept over. It was so nice to have her.

Today two of our girls marched through Versoix roads to celebrate the Women’s day. I’ve just heard they had so much fun during this time, what a joy to hear that our ladies are more than satisfied with their resting week-end.

This afternoon, I treated our girls with chocolate dessert, and Choetsho did it by making waffles. It’s always good to share this friendship together.

Cooking, and cooking again, Choetsho also had the priviledge to be tought by a chef how to bake a Black Forest, it looks so beautiful.

As we say in French : “Allez bon appétit !”

Saint Loup 4 team.




A lovely week at Villa Saint Loup

Life is lovely here, spending our evenings sharing, and being creative.

It is not that hard when the house is full of kind, talented girls.

We leave you with a few moments from this week that made us feel cozy and happy.

Home is where there are smiles, and Saint Loup is definitely home.

The Saint Loup Team ❤️


Boxing lessons pack a punch, motor shows drive it home

Dear all,

The Saint-Loup 9 boys had an action packed time this weekend. Certain highlights are certainly the long awaited boxing lessons taking place here in Versoix. As well as the opportunity to go to the 2024 Geneva Motor Show.

It is a tired household on this late Sunday, but everyone throughly enjoyed all they had the chance to do over the past few days.

The Saint-Loup Team

Indian International Dinner Night

Dear all,

Tonight we took a journey over to India and had the privlige of enjoying a lovely butter chicken dish, accompanied by an assortment of other traditional delicacies.

Thank you to the all the cooking team for their incredible work!

The Saint-Loup Team ❤️