Saint Loup Team Meeting, Pillar Three & Cake!

Dear all,

Today the two Saint-Loup Houses met for the weekly house meeting, and to go through our well-being pillar movement together. And a sweet surprise awaited – there was cake at the meeting, life can’t get any better than that surely! A delightful touch to our well-being exploration!

In the final week of our Pillar Three, ‘Friendships’, well-being programme, our focus narrows on toxic friendships and relationships, emphasizing the importance of spotting warning signs. Together, through open dialogue, with one another, as well as within ourselves, we can recognise the signs of unhealthy and toxic behaviour, and equip ourselves with the tools to navigate the complexities of friendships and relationships, ensuring that we are a pro-active force in fostering and nurturing healthy friendships around us, and also for us.

May this newfound awareness guide us towards fostering connections that bring joy, support, and positivity into our lives.

The Saint-Loup Team ❤️

House Assembly for the Saint Loup Team

Here we are joining forces once again this Wednesday to discuss all the exciting new things happening!

Our new Climbing Club, Ski Club, Esports Club and our Book Reading Challenge are about to begin and we are ready for it! We also got together to practice our French with our weekly mini French course. This week we learned phrases that have to do with catching a cold. We made sure to eat a few oranges while doing that!

We also had a lovely discussion on our Pillar 3 about  International friendships and addressing microaggressions. Stressing the importance of respecting each other, celebrate our differences and be considerate of everyone`s feelings including being aware of our own.



We wish you all a wonderful rest of the week!

The Saint Loup Team ❤️

Ski Weekend 1, There’s Snowplace Like Leysin!

Dear all,

For our first ski weekend, the CDL boarding community visited the wonderful Leysin, where they were able to partake in activities ranging from the aforementioned skiing (and snowboarding), all the way to tobogganing and igloo building. Needless to say the lads enjoyed themselves thoroughly and look forward to the trip to Crans-Montana next weekend.

Our skiing escapade in Leysin wasn’t just about conquering the slopes however; it was a celebration of the joy that comes from sharing laughter with friends, and creating memories that can warm our hearts long after the snow has melted. The added plus of course being that this was only the first of two ski trips which can only suggest that things look ever upwards!

The Saint-Loup  Team ❤️

Nurturing Positive Friendships: A Reflection on Our Friendship Pillar Three

Dear all,

Today the two Saint-Loup Houses joined together to attend the weekly house meeting as a group, where we continued on with our Third Well-Being Pillar Movement. This week, we embark on an introspedctive journey within ourselves and our friendships, looking to understand the qualities that define our friendships with people.

Positive friendships play an incredibly important role in all of our lives.  As individuals, our ability to be attentive to the thoughts, feelings, and well-being of other people is focused on in the context of positive friendships.

Healthy friendships are built on mutual care, understanding, respect, and responsibility. The diverse responses the students gave when asked what unique qualites they thought they excelled in as a friends provided clear insight towards the positive connections that are promoted in our community.

In our continued pursuit of positive friendships, we recognize that the journey is reciprocal. As we seek the best in our friends, we also strive to be the best friends we can be. As we move forward in our friendship journey, let us carry these reflections with us, fostering an environment where positive friendships flourish, and each individual contributes to the collective growth and well-being of our community.


Saint-Loup Team

First Weekend at CDL

Luiz and David made full use of their first weekend here, meeting with their newly made friends, heading into Geneva, and participating in some of the amazing weekend activities that are offered!

The Dream Team Duo In Action!!

Pillar 3: Building Positive Friendships

Although new to the boys in Saint-Loup 9, the CDL community strives to better itself and our students with every stride. One of the more powerful ways we do this is through well-being Pillar Movements. Our next Pillar will focus on Building Positive Friendships.

Embarking on the third well-being pillar, we, as a community, are committed to cultivating positive relationships, with a specific focus on friendships. Recognizing friends as chosen family, we encourage introspection into the essence of these connections, ensuring they contribute positively to our lives. This week, we’re spotlighting the qualities we value in friends through an inspiring video, prompting students to reflect on the depth of their friendships.

This authentic connection, forged by shared experiences, becomes the cornerstone of our well-being movement. Watch the Pillar 3 video for key insights on fostering positive friendships, shaping an enriching path forward for everyone.


First day of school!

Today our boys enjoyed their first day at CDL. Although they are still getting accustomed to life in boarding, they are ready to take on the second semester of the year, meet many people, and make new friends.