Lá Breithe Shona Joseph! 🎂🎉

However, despite all the trips and fun had this weekend, the true cherry on top of the entire weekend, was the opportunity to celebrate Joe’s birthday!

This milestone deserves a special celebration, and with a nice slice of chocolate cake – that’s the proper way to start the party!

Happy birthday Joe!

Happy birthday Joe!

There’s no time for posing for photos when theres cake to devour!

Mouse-querading at Disneyland Paris

The highlight (not to be too biased) from the activities of the weekend, the cream of the crop – or the cream of the castle, so to speak – was the the magical escapde taken to explore the wonderous Disneyland Paris.

To see the boys had a magical time would be an understatement; with a whopping fifteen glorious hours clocked out in the park over Saaturday and Sunday; the crew got to truly experience eveyrthing the Mouse had to offer.

With attratcions and characters ranging from classic Disney, to Star Wars and Marvel; there was no shortage of things to do.

A truly magical time had by all. Thank you to all the Trip Staff for your fantastic effort in making all the pieces come together; it was throughly apprecited and certainly well enjoyed!

🎵 When you wish upon a star your dreasm come true 🎵

Vincent and Muhan had the time of their lives; its just a shame you can’t see all the merchandise at their feet that they had to drop when asked to pose!

Meeting the legendary Goofy: the only character who makes ‘Goofing around’ an art form. (Even for staff!)

Weekend Vibes

This weekend, with some absences from the house, as many boys were out with family or on trips, but the fun continued at CDL, having a wonderful trip to Walibi amusement park and, of course, our disciplined Bryan, attending his unforgettable date with his Tennis practice.


Spins and Grins: Adventure time at Walibi Rhone-Alpes

On Sunday, some of the Concha boys had the opportunity to go to the Walibi Amusement Park.

From terrifying gravity defying and high speed rides to the classic, calm and peacful, Merry-Go-Rounds – there was no shortage of fun activities for the boys to choose from.

Highly recommended!

Always vital to have a full stomach before going on some crazy fast rides!

A happy crew – nothing but DUBS (‘W’ hint-hint) experienced at CDL!