Mouse-querading at Disneyland Paris

The highlight (not to be too biased) from the activities of the weekend, the cream of the crop – or the cream of the castle, so to speak – was the the magical escapde taken to explore the wonderous Disneyland Paris.

To see the boys had a magical time would be an understatement; with a whopping fifteen glorious hours clocked out in the park over Saaturday and Sunday; the crew got to truly experience eveyrthing the Mouse had to offer.

With attratcions and characters ranging from classic Disney, to Star Wars and Marvel; there was no shortage of things to do.

A truly magical time had by all. Thank you to all the Trip Staff for your fantastic effort in making all the pieces come together; it was throughly apprecited and certainly well enjoyed!

🎵 When you wish upon a star your dreasm come true 🎵

Vincent and Muhan had the time of their lives; its just a shame you can’t see all the merchandise at their feet that they had to drop when asked to pose!

Meeting the legendary Goofy: the only character who makes ‘Goofing around’ an art form. (Even for staff!)

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