What’s Cooking, Gourd Looking?

Dear all,

In the spirit of this spooky Halloween season, the Boarding Houses are comeptiting in a Pumpkin Carving Competition.

Without further ado, let us introduce you to our monsterous creation! On top, we have Frank, and below – with all the gnashing teeth – is Stein! This is The Frank ‘n’ Stein Monster!

The Concha Team


Witch Way To The Candy? Happy Halloween!

Dear all,

The Concha Family had a fantastic Halloween today. The campus got thoroughly into the spooky spirit of the day and made the most of it! The boys got involved in decorating the house, dressing up themselves, and exploring the other boarding house for some classic – if at times scary – trick or treating!

A big shout-out to Martin and Regina – two of the prefects here at the school – for their help in setting up the house and getting it ready!

Happy Halloween!

The Concha Team

Beware, lest you open these doomed doors!

Please! Do enter! If you dare…

Our very own Firdavs ghoulishly ready for some trick-or-treating!

Huge thanks to Regina and Martin for their brilliant help!

Even the Leman dining hall got a spooktacular transformation!


Halloween Team Building

Each year, the boarding community organizes a pumpkin competition for Halloween.

This year, we were inspired by the Pixar movie “Coco” and opted for a 100% Mexican design.  After carving the pumpkin, the boys painted and decorated it. To add a touch of innovation, we installed pumpkin-style lights, a vlogging light, and a small speaker hidden in the hat that plays Halloween music.

Wish us good luck as this year the competition is though.

Bryan & Nick curving the pumpkin

Adam cutting the shapes of the eyes and the nose

Nikita & Bardia painting the Pumpkin

Kristian installing the light and the sound system