Open Day at Collège du Léman

Our Director General Mrs. Pauline Nord

Mr.Emmanuel Coigny, Executive Principal  1er  et 2nd Cycles

Mr. James Bearblock, High School Principal. Director of School Advancement

Mr. Mathieu Hartman, Middle School Principal

Mrs. Kathryn Nuttal, Prinicpal Primary (right) and Mrs. Florence Bremnes, Primary Français Teacher (left)

Our Boarding Team led By Mrs. Dominique Salamin and student Huang Xinyuan (Alison)

 Mrs.  Claire Rocheteau, Camps Manager

Mr. Romolo Calvini, Extracurricular Activities Manager
Mr. Renaud Peron, Services Manager

Mrs. Claire Larnaud, Key Accounts Manager , Marketing and Admission and Mr.Cédric Antonio, Senior Market. and Comm. Manager

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