Week 11. Wellbeing Tutorial. Charity Projects

Different ways to live Christmas!

Following our Pastoral program, Well-being and Charity Projects, today in our session we have addressed the theme of Charity, Solidarity and Illusion Projects!

 In our community we are very involved teaching our students about topics ranging from respect and tolerance, to values and self-awareness, for being fortunate enough to be able to experience life abroad, here at College de Leman.

 As every year with the arrival of Christmas, our charity projects and community services are more accentuated.

 On a voluntary basis, our girls in Ly7 (as well as more CdL students) will participate in a charity project on several upcoming Christmas dates. On which we will bake pancakes.

They will buy gifts for children who live in foster homes. Our students will be the ” Papa Noeles” for some of the children who`s families who do not have as many possibilities as the students of CdL boarding school.

In 3 different foster homes, around 125 gifts, “125 childhood wishes “from our ”  CdL Papa Noeles “, will make a magical Christmas possible for these children of foster homes!

niños pobres en Líbano

We are proud of our students!! A huge thank you!   

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