A Weekend full of Fun and lots of Activities

Aryan took part in the STEAM club on Saturday. The challenge was to see if you could make and build some that would protect the egg from breaking if you dropped it from a height. Aryan managed to do this!! Nice work Aryan

Manuel was putting up some shorts after coming back from dinner Sunday evening

Erik also joined where he was working on his lay-ups and footwork!

All of the boys from Concha along with other boarding students got to enjoy the beautiful weather we had at the aquapark today. They all loved it!!

On Saturday the boys took a visit into Geneva. Some of them needed to collect items for the upcoming Mountain Weekend next week. After we all enjoyed the weather by the beautiful lake and Jet d’Eau 

Dmytro and Herman stopped for a quick snap.

Also Antonio and Maneul.

Herman, Dmytro and Aryan all enjoyed a game of Beach Volleyball.

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