Welcome back dinner ✨

Showcasing our first International dinner of the year, and what a dinner it was! ⭐

As always, we kick start the year with a traditional Swiss meal so that we can introduce all the different cultures from our growing community to the type of food enjoyed here in Switzerland 🧀

Everyone got to enjoy a selection of Switzerland’s finest, including:

  • Mini fondue bowls, served in fresh crusty bread rolls
  • Assortment of cheeses from the local regions
  • A platter of locally sourced cured meats
  • Mini Swiss burgers with Gruyère cheese
  • And plenty more Swiss delicacies

For dessert, we got to enjoy macaroons decorated with the Swiss flag, served with a selection of homemade Swiss desserts. But the real showstopper was the chocolate fountain! After all, the Swiss are know for their chocolate! 🍫

The dining hall was filled with Swiss related decorations, even the napkins has Swiss flags on them! All in all, it was a lovely way to welcome new and returning students back to Switzerland 🎉✨🎇

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