Friday night 🍕🧩

Last Friday we wanted to celebrate the first Friday of all of the girls being back in the house. We wanted to celebrate this little exciting moment with some pizzas and board games.

Is there any better plan than making our own pizzas while the girls share their stories?

In addition, on Saturday we welcome to the Saint Loup 9 house Akmaral. We hope you feel at home with us❤️

Kindest regards,

Saint Loup 9 team

Ready for the first Monday of the year! ❤

All the girls at Saint Loup are now here and we just had the loveliest Sunday evening together! We got to know each other a bit better and share a laugh, future plans and all the wonderful things we are doing at school in September!

Here we are just before the first full week of school! We are ready to have the best Monday!

St Loup 4 girls & Anastasia

First day of High School 📚🏫

The first day of school is never easy, but today a new chapter starts in the lives of our girls.

It’s the last first day of High School for Bruna, who will be graduating next June. We know she will be ready for any path she chooses. We can’t wait to accompany her on this last run.

Today, was also the first day of school with us for Meli, Fields, Kseniia, Sofiya, and Haruka. The girls had a lovely breakfast together and got ready for the day with amazing energy in the morning.

Saint-Loup 9 girls

We wish you all the best in this new adventure and can’t wait to be with you all along.

With our best wishes,

The Saint Loup Team.

Hello Collège du Léman 🤩

The summer holidays are coming to an end and in the Saint-Loup teams we are preparing the house for our girls’ arrival. We can’t wait to meet everyone and have an amazing year.

This year, Saint-Loup 4 is welcoming, Saint-Loup 9 into the neighbourhood. Both houses will be using this blog to share wonderful pictures and experiences of the girls. We can’t wait for our girls to meet and share moments together.

Welcome everyone to the 2023-2024 school year 🎉