International Translation Day πŸ“–

To celebrate International Translation Day, our boarders have a special message for everyone, in all 6 official UN languages.


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The Saint Loup team

Welcome Back BBQ πŸ₯™πŸŽ΅

Today we celebrated the start of the year with the annual Welcome Back Barbecue with lots of food, music, and activities for all the students. Some of our borders had different charity stands to help, for example, the victims of the devastating Morrocan earthquake.

Two of our girls, Haruka and Akmaral participated with their Charity Club making bracelets with the kids and painting their faces. We can assure everyone, volunteering and young students participating in the charity event had a lot of fun and a lovely time.

If you joined us to celebrate the beginning of the year or participated in the event and donated to charity, thank you very much for your collaboration.

The Saint Loup team

Another great weekend at CDL!

Another weekend is slowly coming to an end. We had so much fun at our weekend activities! We also got to do some community service around our area. It is really important to take care of our surroundings as much as ourselves and anyone who needs it.

We are ready for the week ahead!

Here are a few pictures:

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The Saint Loup team ❀

Wellbeing Pillar 1: Nurturing Healthy Bodies and Minds – The Sleep Challenge πŸ΅πŸ“΅

During our house assembly last night we discussed with the girls the importance of having a good night’s sleep and how it can help us during the following day to have more energy, be able to focus in class and be more present during the day.

During the past week, the girls were challenged to follow one of the tips in the picture.

Fields changed the warm glass of milk for a nice cup of tea before bed and Haruka turned off her phone every night around 9 pm and had an average of 9 hours of sleep every night. The results were precise: both girls had much more energy during the day and were able to be more productive during the afternoon.

They all agreed that having a good night routine is essential as it helps us to be much more efficient during the following day.

The Saint Loup team.

Active weekend πŸͺ🎾🏎️

After a rainy week, the sun was shining and the girls spent a lot of time out and inside the house with different activities.

Fields and Akmaral started the weekend early in the morning playing Tennis, one of the most precious sports here at CDL.

Emma and Etoile had fun baking some cinnamon rolls for the house and exercising on Sunday with Bodyshaping and a Relaxation activity.

But the fun started at 12:30 when Samira, Kseniia, Fields, Akmaral, and Sofiya arrived in Viry to do some Karting. Speed, adrenaline, laughter, friendship, and lots of fun made the perfect combination for a perfect Sunday afternoon.

Now the house is very quiet and the girls are getting ready for the start of the week, looking forward to the next weekend where more exciting activities will be waiting for them.

The Saint Loup team

Taking care of our Lake Geneva 🌍

This weekend, a group of students took part in the Lake Geneva clean-up, where they helped set up tables, tents, and benches and cleaned the surroundings.

Haruka took part in this initiative and, with her friends, spent her Saturday morning helping preserve our lovely lake.

The Saint Loup team

Dinner in the house 🍳

Today marks the first “Dinner in the House” event in Villa Saint-Loup. While we usually have to go for dinner every night to the cafeteria, once a month dinner comes to us. This little event at home is the perfect opportunity for the girls to bond and have a laugh in the comfort of our house.

Tonight we were delighted by an amazing lasagna made by our kitchen staff. Thank you very much for all the amazing food you cook daily for us ❀️.

But the evening didn’t end there as Akmaral was thirsty for revenge. Somehow, slowly but surely, she is convincing the rest of the girls in the house to play Monopoly cards with us. This time Sofiya joined the game; it was her first time and she didn’t do bad at all (keep in mind she was playing against two professional players). This time the end of the game was 1:1 for Miss Maria and Akmaral. Fair to say both girls were conspiring against Miss Maria.

The Saint Loup team