🌮 Thursday and lots of laughs

Tonight we celebrated the end of the half-term with a lovely dinner in the house before saying goodbye and going back home (exceptions are Fields and Bruna who will be traveling around Europe for two weeks – we are just a little bit jealous, fyi).

Tacos are always a hit and the truth is that we couldn’t get enough! Our stomachs were starting to get full, and glasses were filled with Iced Tea; the conversations were chaotic, and Bruna was trying to convince everyone that she was right, no matter the subject of discussion (but she was open to listening to everyone, of course). We discussed nationalities of origin, languages, foreign alphabets, what would happen if you were born on the border in the middle of the forest (that was an interesting question Kseniia…), and our favorite movies (all of them are for the General Public – Frozen 2, Lorax, High School Musical 3, Horton Hatches the Egg… very teenager-ish movies).

We were having so much fun… we almost forgot about dessert!!

At the same time, our Saint Loup neighbors were also enjoying a delicious dinner and… celebrating Étoile’s 16th birthday with an extraordinary chocolate cake.

All the girls are now packing and getting ready to depart tomorrow afternoon or during the weekend. These first few months have been great and we can’t wait to see you again in 2 weeks, but for now… let’s enjoy the distance!

The Saint Loup team