Baking Competition: The Creation of the ‘Concha Caramel Mess’

Dear all,

Today, the boys in the house took part in an inter-house baking competition, and they decided to try their hand at a caramel cake, which was aptly called the ‘Concha Caramel Mess’. While some might argue that other cakes were better, we at Concha know that ours was secretly the best.

How could it not be? The Concha boys made it, so, of course, it’s good!

A shout-out and a huge thank you to Emir, Shiryu, and Firdavs for the brilliant effort they put in.

Best regards,

The Concha Team

A selection of the other competiton

The final product

From humble beginnings to victorious bakers

A team effort

Lets get cooking



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