Hockey Match In Geneva

Yesterday evening, Kristian and Adam went to Servette Stadium to watch the match against Zug. Both teams play in the Swiss National Hockey League. With a tied score until the last minute, the victory went to the away team (2-3), lifting Zug in the general qualification. Although our boys had so much fun, and Kristian was thrilled with the atmosphere.

They will definitely come back to the stadium!!


Chocolate Factory Trip

On Sunday, the boys took a trip to the “Maison Cailler Museum” in Broc. During their visit, they learnt about how the Swiss chocolate was made, before being manufactured for sale around the world. At the end of the visit, they were greeted by a buffet of chocolate, where they were able to tasted the various typed of Cailler chocolate.

All the boys visiting the factory


Me when chocolate phone case

A few group pictures

Me when white chocolate

10/10 would recommend

Me when chocolate