From Samba Beats to Tasty Treats: Our Brazilian Trio Turns Up the Heat!

Celebrating Internationalism: André, Gabriel, and Leandro Showcase Brazil

One of the most exciting aspects of attending a global boarding school is the wealth of diversity and culture all under one roof. Our monthly boarding assembly serves as a testament to this very essence, and this month’s edition was a true spectacle.

In a bid to promote internationalism, three Olympus students – André, Gabriel, and Leandro – took to the stage and turned the spotlight onto their vibrant homeland. With a perfect mix of enthusiasm, pride, and a hint of nostalgia, they painted a vivid picture of Brazil – its culture, traditions, landscapes, and the undying spirit of its people.

The boys spoke eloquently about Brazil’s rich musical heritage, from Samba to Bossa Nova; the nation’s love for sports, not just football but also volleyball, capoeira, and the famous Brazilian Grand Prix; Brazil’s diverse cuisine, leaving many mouths watering with the descriptions of feijoada, brigadeiros, and acarajé.

Our school’s aim has always been to celebrate and understand the tapestry of cultures that each student brings. André, Gabriel, and Leandro’s presentation was a testament to this mission, proving that when students share their backgrounds, it enriches the entire community.

We applaud the effort and courage of these three young men. Stepping onto the stage and presenting in front of peers can be daunting, but they did so with grace and fervour. Their initiative has undoubtedly sparked interest in many others to share stories from their own corners of the world. Here’s looking forward to more such enlightening sessions in the future!