Our Wellbeing, our Priority! (Chapter 1.1: Nurturing Healthy Minds and Bodies)

Today, as we do every Wednesday, we held our House Meeting to introduce the topic of wellbeing.

Our first meeting was held today, and we kicked off with the first pillar, “Nurturing Healthy Minds and Bodies.” This year, along with our colleague Ms. Perrine Manoury and the amazing team of Wellbeing Advocates (Regina, Marcelo, Etoile, Laura Jane, and Ajuka), we focused on the topic of sleep.

Did you know that research shows that 60% of Middle School students and 70% of High School students do not get enough sleep on weekdays? It’s concerning, isn’t it?

So, during this first session, we touched base with the boys to understand how much sleep they are getting and, more importantly, to raise awareness about the consequences of insufficient sleep on our daily lives. We emphasised the first key point, which is “Understanding the importance of sleep in our daily lives.”

The boys watched a video created by our Advocates team, who did an incredible job. We are immensely proud of their commitment and dedication. Now, it’s time for us all to reflect on and work through this important aspect of our lives.





House Meeting & Wellbeing

During tonight’s House Meeting, we kicked off our Wellbeing program by discussing Pillar 1, Healthy Bodies & Healthy Minds.

Our main focus today was on sleep and how getting enough sleep is incredibly beneficial for our health.

Research shows that 60% of middle school students and 70% of high school students are not getting an adequate amount of sleep on weekdays. 

The aim of this pillar is to highlight the importance of sleep and healthy sleeping routines in our day-to-day lives. A crucial part of this pillar will be to help the students by providing them with tools to get a better quality of sleep.

The boys will also be participating in the Sleep Better Challenege, where they will be trying out one of the tips we have given them to get better sleep for a week and lets us know next Wednesday.

We are looking forward to the results!