Baking Sundays 🧁✨

Today I made “White chocolate & Raspberry Blondies” for the house ❤

First, I melted down the white chocolate and butter. Then I whisked eggs and brown sugar until it was light and fluffy. Next, I combined those together and mixed it until smooth ⭐

After that, I added flour, baking powder, and chunks of white chocolate, and stirred it until my arm started to hurt!

Then I poured the mixture into the greased tin, covered  it with raspberry jam, and topped with raspberries 🍓

Lastly I put the mixture into the oven, waited 40 minutes and cool it down for 30 minutes in the fridge 🙌

This was the first time I baked blondies, but it was easy to bake and delicious to eat, and the girls loved it 🥰

Written by Sakura ❤

Climbing Club ⭐✨

On the weekends, we have the option to do different kinds of activities 🏸

This Saturday Defne and I chose to do climbing at the local climbing centre 🧗‍♀️

There are different levels of climbing you can pick represented by different colours. Define and I chose to do yellow, red, and orange and we managed to reach the top.


We thought it was easy so we challenged ourselves to do the blue ones next, but it was too difficult and unfortunately we couldn’t get to the top!

Overall it was a fun activity to do (especially as it was bad weather outside), and we had really good quality time just the two of us 🥰

Written by Sakura ❤