Europa Park

Over the weekend Leonardo and Hamza participated in a school trip to Europa Park which is a theme park in Germany with other students from the boarding community. They had a great weekend.

Leonardo shared a few words from his experience of the trip;

“I wanted to share the incredible moments from our recent trip to Europa Park. The thrill of the roller coasters, the enchanting atmosphere, and the diverse cultural experiences made it an unforgettable adventure.
Also, the attention and support that the staff gave us.
Looking back it was more than a normal trip. I hope we can have moments like that again”

Group photo at the theme park


Hamza stopped for a quick photo.


Leonardo and friends outside the entrance.

Weekend at EuropaPark

EuropaPark is by far the biggest theme park in Germany and this weekend some of the students were there to enjoy it. Despite the weather, they enjoyed every moment, exploring as many attractions as they could. They had so much fun, and here are some pictures.