Weekend activities

We had a very nice and chill weekend in the house. The girls took the opportunity to rest and study.

We did some crafts for decorating the house for the easter holidays. Etoile painted some easter eggs and Fefe did the colored bunnies for the window.

Choetsho had a friend over to study together.

In the bottom left picture, we see Etoile cooking crepes, typically from France, and Ana Lucía doing Quesadillas, from Mexico.

Week-end activities

This week-end was full of great activities once again!

Etoile did some horse riding on Saturday. On Sunday we all went to the outside villas activity : ice skating! We had so much fun 🙂 

Bulgarian dinner

1st of March is a very special day for Bulgarians. It is called Baba Marta Day.  On this day, Martenitsas, usually in the form of a wrist band or small yarn dolls, are created by combining red and white coloured threads and are worn on that day and throughout March. They are worn until a stork or a swallow is seen, symbolizing the coming of spring, warmer weather, and well-being. Once the stork or a swallow appears the Martenitsa is taken off and hung on a blooming tree. Happy Baba Marta Day! 🙂

Happy Holiday!

Villa St Loup will be closed for the break. We will return on Saturday 25th at 9am 🙂

Thank you for a great start to 2023! Enjoy this well deserved mid term break. We will see you soon! 😘