Baking Sundays 🧁✨

Today I made “White chocolate & Raspberry Blondies” for the house ❤

First, I melted down the white chocolate and butter. Then I whisked eggs and brown sugar until it was light and fluffy. Next, I combined those together and mixed it until smooth ⭐

After that, I added flour, baking powder, and chunks of white chocolate, and stirred it until my arm started to hurt!

Then I poured the mixture into the greased tin, covered  it with raspberry jam, and topped with raspberries 🍓

Lastly I put the mixture into the oven, waited 40 minutes and cool it down for 30 minutes in the fridge 🙌

This was the first time I baked blondies, but it was easy to bake and delicious to eat, and the girls loved it 🥰

Written by Sakura ❤

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