Rain, rain and more rain🌧️

During the weekend, the only thing we could talk about was rain. Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Non-stop. But don’t think this weather stopped the girls from enjoying their free time.

Bruna and Haruka spent their weekend in London (spoiler alert: also raining in London), and Étoile enjoyed a lovely weekend in Marrakech with her family, while the rest of the girls stayed in Geneva.

Sofiya attended an amazing Art Seminar in school where she learned the Felt Technique. After that, she enjoyed a fun afternoon in Nyon with some friends from school!

Akmaral played some tennis in the morning before heading to Geneva in the afternoon as the rest of the girls did (event if it was raining cats and dogs).

Kseniia had a lovely Italian dinner with some of her friends, while Fields went shopping to prepare for the cold winter.

As you can see, nothing can prevent the girls from having a lovely time and enjoy the company of their friends.

The Saint Loup 9 team.