Parabéns, Bruna 🎂💐

On Friday we celebrated Bruna’s 17th anniversary!

It’s the first birthday we get to celebrate in the house and we couldn’t be more excited.

Dear Bruna, we wish you a year full of joy and great news, as well as achieving all of your dreams and aspirations.

Cozy Sunday 🍪

Sundays are usually a quiet day. The girls like to get ready for Monday, do homework, and study for tests. But today is a different kind of Sunday as tomorrow they have no class. The house has been quiet for the whole day, as the girls have been taking it easy today.

As a motivation for the summatives coming soon, we decided to surprise them by baking some chocolate cookies!

Sofiya was the first one to try them and she said they tasted very good 🤩

The Saint Loup team