Embracing diversity: get to know your roommate challenge! 🌍🌎🌏

For last week’s challenge, the girls needed to record themself with their roommate and find similarities, either in their cultures, personalities, interests, etc.

Bruna (Brazilian) and Haruka (Japanese) talked about how they both like to sleep and as a result, their room is always really quiet; they also discovered that it’s really common in their countries to cook a lot of dishes with pasta! Who would have thought Italians had competition on who eats more pasta!

Akmaral and Sofiya (Kazakhstan) have a lot of points in common! They both love to draw, watch the same Russian shows, and much more. Have a look at their funny video and what they said in it 😊 .


Fields (United States of America) and Kseniia (Russia) have also a lot in common! they both like Drake’s music and to stay in the dark!


The girls had a lot of fun recording these videos and also got to know each other a bit better during the preparation of the recording.

As we can see, it doesn’t matter where we are from, we all can have things in common, even if we come from two continents opposite from each other.

The Saint Loup team