🍰 Baking competition🏅

On Sunday we had this AMAZING cake competition. All the houses gave their best, and we were able to discover cakes each more beautiful than the last!
Although the Pavlova from the Villa du Lac girls stood out for its unbelievable delicacy, our houses didn’t fall short as we finished in the top 5 !🏆


The Saint Loup 4 girls chose to make a magnificent chocolate, coffee and strawberry cake. Congratulations to Choetsho, who gave her all for this sublime cake. 🍫☕🍓

The girls from Saint Loup 9 chose to make a lemon cake with a magnificent Christmas decoration. Congratulations to Haruka and Bruna for this magnificent decoration ! ❄️🍋☃️

A bientôt !

The Saint Loup Team ❤️