Dinner in the house 🏡🍽️

Tonight, as we do once per month, we reunited on our interior terrace to enjoy a delicious Spanish-inspired dinner. We had Paella with chicken, Bruschetta with tomato, and some traditional madeleines. At the end of the meal, we discussed the best breakfast options and why eating Nutella in the morning is a weird choice.

Fields arrived a bit later as she had her piano lessons in school, but we were having so much fun that we completly forgot to take a second picture 😥

Until next Dinner in the house ❤️

Wellbeing Pillar 2: Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

In this week’s Wellbeing session, we talked about Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity.

As we know, the teenage years are a time of self-discovery (getting to know and understand who we are), but also exploring gender identity and sexual orientation. For us, as caregivers, it is crucial to create a healthy and supportive environment where our students can be themselves and express themselves freely.

To help them with their questions and fears, our group of advocates has created a safe platform where students can post their questions anonymously and they will answer them back. We hope this will help our students to feel more comfortable in our community.

Silhouette of seven heads in every rainbow color.
The Saint Loup team