A Christmas Post for you all

Hello Family and Friends

What a brilliant number of weeks we have had here in Leman and how fast they have flown by! The vacation is upon us and our students will be returning back to family and friends to enjoy this festive time. I hope they are full of stories and happy memories of their time here since last being at home. In normal tradition we decorated our house to bring some Christmas cheer to the students. With flashing lights, tinsel and Christmas stockings I am glad to say they survived among curious student hands.

Last month we also took some time to pay our appreciation to some students who deserved recognition. Each term we have an Award ceremony which identified three main areas that students can receive an award for. Academic achievement, Activity participation and Boarding Life. Academic achievement awards go to those students which  received the highest grades within our house. This went to Ogtay and Stephen who through hard work and effort achieved very high GPA scores.

Activity participation goes to students who have embraced our activity program. Those who enjoy their selected activities during the week but also those who participate in extra activities, trips and social engagements. This went to Kirill and Daniil R. as they are always so keen to join in with whatever activities are on offer.


Lastly for Boarding Life, these go to students who fully embrace their time in Leman. They follow the rules, show the upmost of respect, act as a role model for other students, work hard in their studies, join in activities offered and truly are great boarders. This periods winners were Ogtay and Egor, who should be very proud of their achievements.


We have had plenty of activities this marking period- cinema outings, bowing, karting, a visit to Vitam park, a visit to the chocolate factory a visit to cirque du soleil- to name a few. While not all the students participated in these activities those that did thoroughly enjoyed it and I would hope with parents motivation and ours that we can encourage more Leman 2 students to join in. Apart from these weekend activities we also celebrated victory in our schools soccer matches which included David and Stephen in the team. We also had good rugby matches which included Aliben, Eloge, Egor and Alberto. Other fun events included the inter house cooking competition in which we were challenged to invent a dish out of given ingredients. We were proud of our Cheese Bread and Glazed Crepes, but unfortunately taste let us down. We also had another international dinner, this time of French origin in which we got to try some French frogs legs!


However the best event of the last several weeks must be the Christmas Dance. An opportunity for everyone to dress in their best attire and have a lovely meal in a very beautiful setting. It was a very proud moment to see all the boys of Leman dressed smart and have a formal evening of social fun with their friends. After the meal we were entertained with a traditional Azeri dance and also a Hip-hop solo from the one and only Matvey. It was a great occasion and one which was enjoyed thoroughly by all.



I hope that the students will have plenty of exciting stories to share with you all and we wish everyone a very happy and safe Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.