Moonrace Conference


It’s not everyday you get to see an astronaut… even less, the first astronaut to perform a spacewalk… or a man who walked on the moon… and even less those two together 😀

We’re talking of Alexey Leonov and Buzz Aldrin, two space pioneers.

Well Ivan, Egor, Ryan, Maxim and Yusef got to witness this historical moment in a fantastic conference held in Lausanne where we could hear those two men telling us their stories from the space race.



Credit Rodri Van Click.


The conference also had musical interludes by a rock band from the 60s and 70s and the Choir of the Red Army, paying tribute to both astronauts.

We could aslo see some mocks of a lunar model



… of a lunar rover


and many more items which left us dreaming about travelling in space.

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