New Year

Dear all

Welcome back to our Léman 2 house blog.

After a lovely winter break, where all our students went home for a deserved rest, we are now back on track and at full speed.

The first week, where the holidays were still fresh in our memories is now past and we are now fully active with our lives.

We welcomed to Léman 2 our new student, Han, from China. At the same time we said farewell to Ibrahim but for sure he left us full of fond memories of the time spent in this great group.

At CDL the ski season has now started and Léman 2 boys will be heading to the slopes soon. More news to follow.

This weekend there are plans for a cinema trip, snowshoes with huskies and the usual saturday morning activities.

…but, better not to forget about school and exams such as SAT taking place soon.

Much to happen, and we’re only 21 days into the year.

Happy 2016 everyone