Congratulations to our one and only Amir who was appointed as our Boarding Head Boy! 

We look forward to seeing him in his new role.

Well done Pedersoli !


And another year has gone…

It’s in moments like this we realise how time flies.

2021/22 has come to an end. Geneva has been incredibly hot, purely reminding us of a deserved summer break, waiting for us in the coming days. How good does it feel? 🙂

We will be back. Leman Boarding House will be full next year: of students, life, energy, smiles, and challenges. We will be here to accompany all the boys, old and new into the new school year which we hope will be as memorable as the one now coming to an end.

To all students, parents, and friends of Léman…


Party Weekend

As the end of this School Year is getting closer, our students need time to recharge batteries to be better prepared for their Exams. What better way to do this than outdoor activities and fun moments. As the weekend highlight, we had an end of year Party for our Boarders in the Concha Gardens. It was a blast, filled with Ice-cream, games, a dive in the pool and lots of laughter.

There was also an excellent volunteer participation in this June’s Samedi du Partage. Our boys helped promote and raise essential food and hygiene products for several very important causes.

Take a look at this weekends shots:



Exciting Boarding Football Cup

The moment arrived! The awaited final between Real Madrympus and Los Manitos (Leman 2).

Even though the rain was heavy, the boys were motivated and fought until the last minute. It was a disputed match and it all came down to penalties. Unfortunately our boys did not make it but were an example of team work and spirit!

Congrats to the boys and their achievements.





Best room

Now that the year is nearly over, it’s our pleasure to announce that Ayam and Mateus got the recognition of the best room in Léman 2.

Throughout the year they have kept their room in a functional way, keeping it generally tidy, organised, easy to move around and with good vibes.

We believe their academics also benefitted from it, actually 🙂

Congratulations for this boys, well done and thank you for your efforts

BBQ in Léman 🍔🌭

The charcoal was lit, the meat was ready, a speaker with good music was playing, all that was missing were the guys from Léman to start our barbecue. And so it was, this Sunday we could enjoy this wonderful outdoor activity on the terrace of Léman.

Besides, this event coincided with another even more important one, Mr. Antonio’s birthday, we celebrated it as he deserves.

Thank you very much for your effort and dedication,

Your house that loves and admires you.


Attachment figures: how our attachment style influences the way we make our decisions?

This week we focused on Attachment Figures!

As discussed in the launch phase of the Pillar during the assembly, the attachment theory focuses on
relationships and bonds (particularly long-term) between people, including those between a parent
and child and between romantic partners. The quality of our early attachments profoundly influences two things:
• our personality
• our relationships later in life

Depending on their attachment style, our students are either able to empathize with others, to share
feelings with other people, show trust, engage in long-term relationships, have high self-esteem, enjoy
intimate relationships, seek out for support etc or not.

Since our attachment styles are formed so early, we neither remember much about this stage of
development nor do we have control over it. Therefore, our attachment traits are typically subconscious and automatic. As a consequence, we might find ourselves repeating the same unhealthy
patterns – in our relationships with ourselves and with others – over and over again.

So, since awareness is the beginning of change, this week we asked our students to take an attachment questionnaire quiz to help them figure out their attachment style.

This is an individual tasks and there is no need to share any results. Our goal is uniquely to incite each and everyone to gain awareness and if needed try to rebuild a link with their attachment figures.