Emotional Regulation Workshop

Such an important topic deserves an interactive and informative session. Our Workshop today was on Emotional Regulation, an important phenomenon, so relevant, that we do need to know more about and learn how to master it and reflect it on our reactions.

We had a lovely assembly of around 80 grade 11 and 12 students attending and we do hope that it was meaningful for everyone.

Meet Oscar

Our latest addition is coming from Spain and the first thing he tried to do was helping out in the Dining Hall.

It certainly created a great impression to be hands-on during the first days and it was nice to see him so integrated already with his new colleagues and friends

Here is Oscar with some of the boys in the House. Of course, masks are not being worn since we are “at home”.

Bienvenido Oscar. 🙂

Outdoor House Assembly

Evenings are still warm here and we took advantage of our lovely terrace to host our Weekly House Assembly.

It was nice to have a chat outside in the fresh air… We have discussed about plenty of topics but particularly about the boys eating habits and linked that with our Well Being Pillars of Nurturing Healthy Bodies and Minds.

Since we were all outside and within our House group we were not wearing masks but the boys should now know that this is absolutely necessary once they step out of Léman Boarding House.

Happy 16th Aryavir

Happy birthday Aryavir. Today was your day; a nice lie-in, in the morning, an afternoon walk in Versoix and a tasty chocolate cake with your friends for the evening.

We all wish you the best for all the years to come 😀

Well Being Programme – Pillar 1

The first pillar of our Well Being programme is now being launched.

We consider Well Being a core element of what we do in Boarding. Well Being is the basis to everything and even above grades and academic or sport achievements we care and strive to ensure all the students are feeling well, in their bodies, in their minds, with their choices and with their friends.

The Well Being programme is scheduled to run along the school year and for each term, a different pillar will deserve our focus and work.

In this first half-term of the year, we will direct our energies particularly to Nurturing Healthy Minds and Bodies with a particular emphasis towards Emotional Regulation.


How will we work? During the weeks to come, we will be discussing and directing students to a personal reflection on these topics and we will encourage them to develop some individual projects. These projects will aim at leading the student to reflect on his or her habits, see how they benefit their Well Being and extend this perception with the help of some creative activities.

Examples: Keeping a sleeping diary or take the time for a nature walk and see observe the nature.

Likewise we will develop some community projects, normally based by House but with the possibility of linking them to other Houses.

What we aim at, is leading the students to reflect and integrate these activities as part of their lives and encourage them to reflect so they can perceive the Take-Away points of such actions.

There are no right or wrong projects, as long as they lead the student to internally assimilate the benefits he can get from this or that activity. These projects can be based on habits the students already have and sometimes they didn’t even realize how beneficial they were.

Reflection and projection of the “me” are the key points.

And soon we will return with more specifics on what is going on 😉 Watch this space 🙂