CDL in Colombia

Meet Patricia Jaquet, Collège du Léman Director of Admissions and Marketing, in Colombia from Thursday 31st August until Saturday 16th September. For more information, do not hesitate to contact her at

Are you ready?

Ready or not (but hopefully YES) the new school year is right around the corner. And as usual with it the expectations for each single boy and girl boarder at CDL.

In Léman 2 we are happy to welcome all the boys. Rooms are ready to get full, campus is ready for the excitement and energy the students shall bring with them.

For some this is an extremely important year, full of decisions. For others it will be full of adventures and discoveries. For all we expect it to be a memorable year.

Familiar face for many of you? Of course, it Mr Javier Salvat who is joining the Léman team this year. He has worked at CDL already last year and has over 10 years of experience with young people in Boarding, Camps, Sport Activities, etc…

The other familiar face is mine…

It’s not the most beautiful face you will have seen, I know 🙂 … For those who don’t know me I am Mr Antonio Montes, starting my 10th year at CDL.

And so this is our Welcome word for everyone who checks our blog. Check out this space. News, photos and other things will be posted here regularly. You’re always invited to check 😉