It’s the end of another term and the students are heading back home to spend some time with family and friends. It is also the end of the marking period and they will be eagerly awaiting their results on return.


These past few weeks have been action packed and there were many opportunities available. We had another karting activity in which Daniil R. came in a very commendable 4th place (even though he was completing against younger grades!). In the middle of the month we also had the high school Valentines dance- which as you can imagine the boys were really looking forward to…..


untitledWe also had our ZOA concert (click for more info) which some of the students supported and went to enjoy.


A highlight of the month was our Celebrity Dress up night. This was an inter-house competition and our celebrity challenge was Chuck Norris. We did our best dressing Egor up and he performed in front of the whole community. It was a great night which we unofficially won! (our opinion).


Nikita is our year book representative so he is making the content to represent our house in the year book . We have had Nikita running around chasing us trying to take photos of us. It’s no surprise that a lot of students are camera shy so it’s been a task for him.


Another fun night was the Barcelona VS Manchester City. It was a loud match with lots of excitement as a lot of students joined in our living room to watch.


We hope everyone enjoys their vacation!


The year has continued as fast-paced as when it started. We have had more trips and excursions around Switzerland which included a trip to Bern, to the spa at Lavey les Bains, to the Patek Museum, ice skating, musee des suisses and many more.


However the most popular trip has been our ski weekends. Many of the students have taken the opportunity to go up to Crans Montana and enjoy the alpine ski.  There is still more time to time for the students to register for these trips and improve their skiing skills or try it for the first time. We encourage you to register for the upcoming trips and in particular the ski week!


Also this weekend past, Massimo took a group of students for a day trip to Lelex Crozet. Massimo has been a professional snowboard instructor and was able to give expert instruction on how to improve their abilities on the slopes.


We have also celebrated the birthdays of Eloge, Pavlo and Nikita this month and they enjoyed our traditional CDL cake. We also welcomed a new student Amirhossein, who joins Leman 2 from Iran.