Our Induction for new students

For all new students, the first days in a new school are a little bit daunting. So in these first days of the school year, we do focus all our energies in supporting and reassuring the new students that people are here to help as we get to know them better.

Our Induction focuses as well in encouraging them to make friends so that they support each other and this process is eased.

Today, all the High School students and some staff went on a tour of Versoix. This is quite important as this tour shows them the nearest supermarkets, train stations, bank and post office…

No tour of Versoix is complete without a visit to the Lake and this is where we stopped, removed our masks for a moment, just to take a quick photo-souvenir. The spirits seem to be positive and some friendships about to emerge 🙂

Welcome back everyone 2021/2022

Dear friends and family of the Léman 2 Boarding House.

It is with immense joy that we welcome you to this new school year. We are delighted to be back after a refreshing summer 🙂

As always, our main priority will be the well-being and the progress of our boys and to help me with that I am happy to introduce to you my new colleague, Mr Rodrigo.

Mr Rodrigo is from Spain, passionate about sports and has an impressive experience in working with youngsters. Likewise, he is passionate about nature and outdoor activities.

I am sure you will join me in welcoming Mr Rodrigo to our Léman 2 family.  For those who still have doubts, he is the tall one on the right of the photo 🙂


For those who have been acquainted to Mr Tomasino, we are happy to let you know that he is now working in the Middle School Office. We thank him for all he has done last year and since he is still with us at CDL , we are sure he will be in touch with the boys.

Soon, we will be opening up our school year. We invite you to keep watching this space. There will certainly be plenty of things to share and hopefully lots of celebration, joy and funny things … from us too 🙂

Once again, welcome back!!!! 🙂