Badminton Star

Right before his departure for the February break, Mahan took part on a Badminton tournament representing our school.

The medal he is proudly wearing is a 1st place medal for teams. Congratulations Mahan for this achievement. You deserve it 🙂




A little week was good enough to refill our batteries in order to attack the final Marking Period of the year.

7 of the boys went to enjoy the snow and the mountains for one full week with our Winter Camps. Many others went back home to their families and enjoy some quality time with them.

It is now time to come back. Our doors are now open welcome you back. It will be good to be together again.

Skiing Skills

At our yearly skiing competition, Léman 2 is proud to announce that our Kevin, just arrived home with a fantastic 2nd place overall… and a 1st position for Boarders.

I think we have a Champion, here 🙂

Well done Kevin