Xin Nian Kuai Le!

Xin Nian Kuai Le means Happy New Year in Mandarin Chinese.

We had a great evening today to celebrate Chinese New Year, our dining hall was fantastically decorated and the food was wonderful.

Let’s hope that this new year of the tiger will bring us all a lot of strength to be able to move forward with all our projects.

It was nice to have a chat with our Chinese students about their culture, they showed us the animals of the Chinese zodiac and we found out which are ours (we leave below the information if you want to know yours). We were also told that we could only open one fortune biscuit, if you don’t like yours you will have to wait until next year.

Luckily we do like our fortune biscuit.





Crans Montana – Ski Weekend

CDL travelled to Crans-Montana this weekend! The ski experience was amazing and the views were just like postcards! All students enjoyed many activities on offer during their stay for skiers and non-skiers. They also liked their free time in town with friends, exploring and dining in several restaurants. Have a look at the video with some great pictures of our Léman 2 family!


The importance of boundaries

The topic of today was something we all have without even noticing. We all had a situation where a friend or an acquaintance trespasses, possibly without meaning it, the limits of our tolerance when it comes to a friendly relationship.

The reasons for this are plenty and these type of situations can shake the foundations of a good positive friendship. The good news is that when friendships are solid and real, all can be sorted with a frank and open conversation. We found out that communication and honesty are the keys to sort out this and other issues in a personal connection. And for as different and sensitive as we all might be, this becomes even more important so that the foundations of trust and understanding can be solidified and an unpleasant situation can become a source for improvement and better mutual respect.

Nobody really wanted to share any similar situations but we have surely been there in a moment or another and we can all relate to this as something familiar.

Diplomacy at a personal level… like on politics and international relations, it’s all about setting up clear expectations, stay true to your beliefs… and show some sense of forgiveness as well 🙂



This type of donuts are not sugary and are extremely healthy for the body and mind 🙂

And not only they are exciting but with the sunny weather make a perfect outing for a Sunday afternoon.

Albion took advantage of the cool place to read the news and stay updated with the latest stock markets

Parga was amazed with the view. Switzerland seems to amaze him

The whole group, with Quique in the middle, posing for a fashion photo shoot 😀

Wellbeing Pillar 3 – Positive and toxic friendships

We all have good and “not so good” friends… and in some ways we are exposed to positive and toxic friendships. We feel it, we see it but sometimes it’s hard to define them as they can take so many different shapes.

The topic of our Wellbeing period today as precisely on this matter and how to identify and react to those.

One very interesting comment was to ask an opinion of a third person, when we feel we can’t qualify some features on a “friendly” relationship. Indeed a more detached and independent perspective look can give us more insight into a situation where we might be emotionally involved and therefore see things under the umbrella of our personal feelings.

The video above shows us a few helpful tips to differentiate good from bad friends and it’s curious to see how often we can be exposed to those.

We also worked on an idea for a project which we will share later, once it’s completed 🙂

Enjoying the ski club!

This weekend the ski club has started, and Rakann is already enjoying it! What better way to start than with a fabulous day, sunshine, and good friends.

The skiers went to the ski resort of Champéry, Portes du Soleil. A wonderful place in the middle of the alps.

Soon we will have the ski weekend where we will all share fun moments on the ski slopes.

Food Highlights

Nutrition plays an important role in Education and specially when done with artistry and creativity. Have a look at some of the dishes presented to our students this week!