CDL Statue


Outside the entrance to reception at CDL stands a tall interesting statue. We all walk past it every day and at some point, as with the purpose of art, it makes us ponder what its meaning is. I was curious to get the opinion of student to see what they felt the statue represented.

Daniil has a room at the end of the hall with a window that looks out over the reception and indeed on this statue. Every day when he awakens and looks out he sees it and I was curious to know his thoughts.

“…..a very beautiful statue in front of reception. We can see a figure of people, who stand one higher than another one and make a high pyramid. I think, the artist wants to say to us about how we must connect in our society. We are stronger, if we work in the group together, because we can help each other in difficult situations, share, care about somebody, be open with another person.  If we will do this, we can make our own life much happier and more successful……” Daniil Grade 9.




“One of the unquestionable natural drives in life is to reproduce. A truly mystifying event in our universe from the smallest cells, to plants, to human beings. An opportunity to add to the living world and be proud to be able to make a contribution to the legacy of human evolution. When blessed with a child it is innate to protect and love them. To have the responsibility of giving them every support available to ensure a healthy, happy and successful upbringing.

Think of your child as an adult.

Firstly you want them to be healthy and of course happy in life. A good job, financially stable, perhaps with a family of their own. Not everyone works out this way but it’s a natural desire to wish the best for your child.

Do you think you will remember what is was that you did that taught your child to be independent. Was it a moment or an event? Or was it a long term awareness to make sure they did not overly rely on others or you in situations. How about maturity, self-discipline, respect, initiative and social integration. Just an example of some important functions in adulthood and all intrinsic facets that we have to different degrees. What if there was a way to make sure our child learnt all these without option. There is..

Remember you are also responsible for their education. You send them to school to equip them with the resources and tools. However homework is in fact just that, work to do at home. With you now as the responsible educator to help them achieve this. With life fast paced and full, some of us are better equipped than others to deal with this. What if there was a way to make sure our child had the best education at school but also at home. Some of you already know the answer, if not…..”