The Escalade is a traditional celebration in the Geneva area and it has roots 4 centuries ago in one of the most conflictual periods in the history of the city.

This event is still extremely present in the city and it’s something that the Geneva people are quite attached to for its historical meaning.

Part of the tradition is to smash a chocolate cauldron, decorated with the coat of arms of the city and we had our Swiss on duty, Philip doing the honours 🙂

Boarding Awards Medals

We had a different House Meeting today.

We celebrated the achievements of our representatives in the Boarding Awards.

We started by presenting the medals to Rayaan and Aryavir for their performance in the Boarding Activities.

Immediately after we congratulated Aryan and Ghassan for the Boarding Life Award

Since he has enjoyed it so much, Ghassan came back for another medal, for his outstanding GPA in the Terminale Bac 17.9

He was visibly proud of his two medals… fully deserved ones.


A huge well done for everyone and more awards will come in the future. Keep working hard and you might be “on stage” next time.


Léman 2 has got Talent!

Our Chefs Oscar and Ayam enjoyed yet another cooking workshop on a lovely Saturday. Their skills are improving with each hour and goodie baked… especially with guidance from Chef Fred 🙂

We are proud to present our cupcake Masters-soon-to-be and their lovely creations.

Precision and focus are key to success…

Oscar teaming up with Liam. Teamwork makes the dream work 😉