This type of donuts are not sugary and are extremely healthy for the body and mind 🙂

And not only they are exciting but with the sunny weather make a perfect outing for a Sunday afternoon.

Albion took advantage of the cool place to read the news and stay updated with the latest stock markets

Parga was amazed with the view. Switzerland seems to amaze him

The whole group, with Quique in the middle, posing for a fashion photo shoot 😀

Wellbeing Pillar 3 – Positive and toxic friendships

We all have good and “not so good” friends… and in some ways we are exposed to positive and toxic friendships. We feel it, we see it but sometimes it’s hard to define them as they can take so many different shapes.

The topic of our Wellbeing period today as precisely on this matter and how to identify and react to those.

One very interesting comment was to ask an opinion of a third person, when we feel we can’t qualify some features on a “friendly” relationship. Indeed a more detached and independent perspective look can give us more insight into a situation where we might be emotionally involved and therefore see things under the umbrella of our personal feelings.

The video above shows us a few helpful tips to differentiate good from bad friends and it’s curious to see how often we can be exposed to those.

We also worked on an idea for a project which we will share later, once it’s completed 🙂

Warm welcome from Roger

            Dear friends and family of the Léman 2 Boarding House,

            My name is Roger Rodrigues and it is with immense joy that I will be joining Mr. Antonio and Mr. Rodrigo in Léman 2.  I am a trained classical Pianist, Musician and Teacher, love Sports and outdoor activities are a must. Soon we will all have a chance to meet up personally and I am looking very much forward to do my best in providing help and support to all students and colleagues 🙂 !

            For now wishes of an excellent New Year and welcome back!



Christmas Dinner After Party

After our lovely Christmas Dinner, the two Léman Houses got together for some after party time 🙂

Giggles, sweets, a Kahoot on Pop Culture and the Swiss tradition of the Escalade Marmite kept the boys in a good mood for the rest of the evening… surely with an important sugar intake 🙂

Kahoot is taken seriously by some

Tim, the big winner of the Pop Culture Quiz

The eldest and the youngest in the room…

…have broken the Escalade Marmite, under the watchful eye of the only Swiss in the House


Happy Birthday Tim

2 days later, it’s celebration time again and we shared the lovely chocolate cake for Tim’s 17th birthday. We wish Tim a life full of great adventures and thank him for his contributions to the Boarding community.

Happy birthday Tim from all Léman 2 House 🙂

Happy 18th birthday Misha

It was a special day in Léman 2 as we have celebrated Misha and his 18th birthday.

After dinner we got together to sing С Днем рожденья тебя and share a slice of chocolate cake.

We wish you all the best for you and your future Misha.


Awards Ceremony

End of Semester means Awards Ceremony and for the first time in nearly two years we managed to do it all together and celebrate so many achievements.

Léman 2 was well represented with Mateus winning the Boarding Life Award.

And Rakann having a medal for his outstanding Activities Participation


A special mention to Kotaro who also got a medal for his outstanding academics with the highest score for a grade 12. Unfortunately he was not able to attend but he was with us from his quarantine facility in Japan where he will have to stay for a few more days.

But his medal is here with us. Well done everyone 🙂