Boarding Life

How is to be a border? Is it scary or is it fun? Don’t you miss your home? Is it hard to be away from your family?… I heard many people asking me these kind of questions. However, there is not only one answer…

I have been a boarder for almost 3 years. I experienced many good and bad sides of the boarding life. I should admit, at the first year, I had hard times to get used to live kilometres away from my home country and from my family. There has been times that I thought about going back. However, to give up was against my character. So, I stayed…As the time went by, I started to feel comfortable and stronger.

I definitely believe that becoming a boarder is a big challange at the beginning for everyone. First of all, time spend with your family and friends from home becomes very limited. You miss the delicious home food and your comfortable home bed. Furthermore, it is hard to have your own privacy. To stay by your own and lie on your bed without doing anything would become something that you dream of. There is always a lot going on around you and you are surrounded with a scheduled time-table you should follow.

On the otherside, being a border makes you grow earlier than your peers. You become confident and independent. You learn to take decisions in different circumstances. You start appreciating different cultures and different point of views. Although you miss your family, you feel like you don’t need them as much as before. You establish such a strong relationship with your friends that they almost become your family!


T.G (Léman 2 Boarder)

Week End activities

Last week-end there was a visit to the Red Cross Museum. Red Cross is an international institution and it is famous worldwide for the care and support it provides for people in need. Yikang took part on the visit and came back impressed with it.

On a different note, there also was a basketball workshop. Sihan and Fanzheng joined the team and judging by the look of the photo, they were in good shape.

Next week, it will be the February break. Some student will go home whilst other will join the Ski Camp in Crans Montana.

In the meantime, we should all enjoy a short but relaxing break