House Assembly

An interesting House Assembly tonight

First, Pouya did a little talk on our Pastoral topic of the month: Diversity and Respecting Others.

After, Mr Javier did a Workshop on the importance of a proper handshake 🙂

Some tips that can be important on how to greet people, particularly in University or Job interviews and how it conveys an image about yourself.

Marking Period 1 Awards night

We are a happy and proud House. Léman 2 boys did very well in different areas. Yesterday it was time to celebrate those achievements and recognize their efforts.


John, Johannes and Rodrigo for their fantastic participation in the Le Rosey Rugby TournamentSihan for his outstanding Basketball skills representing the CDL team in two wins in different tournaments

John and Rayaan, got the Boarding Life Award


John got another medal for the best GPA in IB1

And Pasha, the highest grade 12 GPA

Congratulations as well to Yukihiko and Xavier for their Activities Participation Award

Great news, for great students… Well done to you all…

More awards to come at the end of the 2nd Marking Period