Christmas dinner!

Last weekend the boarders had a delightful Christmas dinner that all enjoyed at the wonderful Kempinsky Hotel of Geneva. We were glad that some parents and ex-students were able to join us during that incredible night that has become a tradition for our school community.

Some pictures of the night:

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When people mention about talent, the first word that comes to their minds must be something about music, such as some instrument, singing, dancing, etc, but what is a talent? Does talent only relate to music? Nowadays, people like to label others in talent, in Eastern culture, if the child doesn’t play a instrument or do anything that is related in music, they will be label as no talent.


In social medias, music celebrities often have more followers that other artists, such as performance artist, visual artists, etc. Isn’t that strange? Don’t they deserve same popularity like the musician’? Does talent equal to music? In my opinion, I don’t think music is the only talent. If you can make people around you laugh, that is a talent, if you can make a great idea come true that is a talent, if you can make an impossible turn possible, that is a talent! Don’t be afraid to show you talent to others, you might be the person who change the world.

Yikang Li

28 November 2016