Summer, sun, fun and relax. End of year message to our students.

Well… this is it. We have reached the end of the school year.

Léman 2 is nearly empty and many of you are on the way to your countries and holiday destinations.

It is now time to recharge batteries, see the family, friends and discover places, people and things about yourself that you probably you didn’t know you have. As you think about it, would you know that you would develop such strength this year in order to fight the worries, concerns and fears caused by the pandemic?

That is growing up. That is evolving and take ownership of your life. Maybe not all of it yet, but you are definitely on track to adulthood. You are learning …


And learning will never stop. One day you will look back at this year and find how much you have appreciated some of things that happened.

Dear students and dear family and friends of Léman 2, we wish you a wonderful holiday.

Tomasino and Antonio

Stay Safe topic – Sexual Consent

For the final Stay Safe topic of the year we have addressed one of the most delicate subjects… Sexual Consent.

More than the complexity of the topic, is the consequences and what it entails that are worth thinking about. Sooner or later we will all be facing a situation where this concept will be present and the fact of making or not the right decision, clearly depends on the honesty and transparency that the situation is dealt with.

Like a cup of tea…