Boarding Assembly – Wellbeing Workshop

Our Virtual Boarding Assembly was a full one. We had the whole Léman House together for this big event.

It started with Amirhossein and Aryan presenting their Community Service Project.

They want to collect clothes for the poor people. They are inviting students to put aside any clothes they don’t need so they can be delivered to a Institution.

After, we went to the core of the Assembly. We had the traditional musical performance, some notices and bits and pieces of information, and finally we went to the Peer Pressure Workshop. This is one of the most important parts of our Wellbeing programme.

Like in our House Assemblies, the boys were led to reflect on the importance of protecting themselves against this phenomenon which can cause massive damage to someone being victim of it.

It was great to have the whole group together. A new crucial pillar will start after the February break. More news to follow… Watch this space 🙂

How to differentiate between and good and bad friendships?

Friends are a part of our lives. As the saying goes, a life without friends is a life without a sun. So, you can definitely see the importance of friends. However, friends can be divided into two groups, which are good friends and bad friends. When making friends, you should learn to distinguish between good and bad friends.


As for me, having one true friend is better than having a hundred bad friends. A real friend is someone who you can trust very much. You can tell him or her anything without reward. And you will treat him or her sincerely. On the contrary, a bad friend is someone who will try every means to obtain benefits from you. Thus, we must be careful in choosing friends.


A friend who always treats people with honesty is a good friend. Inversely, a friend who flatters you to your face is not true friend. All in all, we must make friends with those who have good character and a kind heart.

The worst feeling in the world is to be alone and have nobody to share feelings with.


If you share your feelings with a person whom you think is a friend to you, and that person does not pay attention to what you say, this should be able to tell you that this person is indeed not a true friend, because he/she does not care about you.

In short, friends play an important role in our lives. We seriously need to learn how to deal with the different kinds of friends we have, so we can not only protect ourselves from the bad friends, we can also stop wasting time with them.

by Ayam Anand




Long distance friendships. Instructions

How to keep long distance friendships ?
Keitaro Tsutsui

Key points
• Keep creating your own shared experiences
Two things happen when you see a friend regularly: One, you
develop a collection of memories that both of you share, and two,
you have a more intimate understanding of what they’re up to, in
a general sense.


• Accept that it’s going to take more effort than it used to.
keeping the friendship alive across so many miles won’t be nearly
so effortless as getting it started.

• Help each other adjust
Being far away from a friend means that things will change. You
won’t see your friend as often, your lives will be different with
different people, and it’s even harder to stay in contact if there is
time difference involved. My advice is to not get mad when you
don’t hear from your friend for a longer period of time and don’t
be mean or jealous when your friend is spending more time with
other people.

• Hang out
Who says you can’t hang out when you’re miles apart? With the
technology we have now…

• It is hard to maintain friendship with others in distance but,
there is technology, and you can talk or hang out even you’re not
next to friends. Keep contact is the biggest key point to maintain
your friendship. Good Luck.

The strangest skies

A sandstorm in Geneva… it’s not a common thing and not what we are used to have on a February day.
However in many parts of Switzerland, we were gifted with this strange phenomenon… on Campus and on the slopes.

This event took place in northern Africa and due to the strong southern winds, a little bit of it got to us all across France.

Little drops of sand and water fell from the skies leaving the floors, cars, benches with sandy stains which the next rains will certainly wash away 🙂

The cause of the apocalyptic skies covering Switzerland

Online friendships – Pros and cons



Topic of today’s House meeting: Can virtual friendships become real friendships? Can they have a constructive place in our lives? Can we rely on them? Can we deny them?

These questions lightened an important debate and the truth is that we didn’t really reach a formal conclusion as there are pros and cons and it all depends on how we deal with the situation, how much we put into it and how much we ask from it.

We all acknowledge the dangers of the virtual world: fake profiles, dishonest people, scams and hoaxes are part of the internet these days and one needs to be cautious about it.

However, one can’t deny that there is still room for positive interactions and the possibility of connecting with people who might become important and be for us a source of support, friendship… or even more.

The fact is internet is becoming a lot like real life. Whatever you find in life, you may find on internet as well, only in a different shape. And the precautions we take when we meet someone in person, need to be adapted to the virtual world online.

It is undeniable that internet has brought the world together and that is actually the topic on our last Pillar, in our Programme. Our conclusion is that it’s undeniably a good thing but to be taken carefully and with a pinch of salt, aka care, since a lot in the virtual world, might just be virtual… and we are not.

An interesting discussion with a lot of good vibes and pertinent discussions… 🙂