To our grade 12s… but all the others too

An important moment is ahead of our grade 12s. A moment of decisions that can influence one’s life forever. The choice of an university is delicate and complex matter but it’s also an exciting thing.

It is essential to have matured the options, select the right courses, in the right city and in the right country… And then the GPAs and the personal applications will be taken into account. It is all in the students’ hands: from the freedom of choices to the core of their grades and applications.

We are here to help but here are also a few tips to consider again, and again… 🙂

How to Choose the Right University for You: the Ultimate Guide

Discover Geneva

In the first week-end of the school year, most new students took part on the Geneva trip. This trip aims at showing this beautiful city to the new students and telling a little about its fantastic history.

Here are some photos of this great afternoon.