Happy Birthday Justin

Justin, turned 17 today and his friends gathered for some chocolate cake and some funny pictures of the “Man of the Day”.

We believe that having friends around you is a great gift for your birthday and in that sense we think Justin felt quite privileged.

We wish Justin, lots of happiness and wonderful memories from his time at CDL.

All the best and 生日快乐 🙂

Boarding Football Cup

As the weather improves we try to be outside as much as possible. Our boys have signed up for the Boarding Football Cup winning their first match and going through to the next knock-out round. Its great to see also many kids of all ages playing, having fun, relaxing and enjoying the wonderful weather together.



Los Manitos FC



Golf Tournament

CDL was invited to participate in an external golf tournament and Parga, a very good player, jumped on the occasion, as a passionate he is.

Despite only a few hours to practice, he came back really happy and his swing shows skills and precision.

Beyond that we were pleased to hear about the politeness and sportsmanship that he displayed during the event.

The cherry on top of the cake… the scenery and the weather were beautiful.

Well done Parga

Spring Term

We are now back in business and already welcoming the first arrivals for this final term.

We hope everyone had a great time and that each and everyone is ready for a final term. There are lots of great things to look up to 🙂

Léman 2 team

Cozy House Dinner

Today was Lasagna Night in the House and everyone enjoyed the layered pasta from Italian Cuisine, or is it?

Technically, Lasagna did not originate in Italy as you may expect. Its origin can be traced way back to Ancient Greece. The name Lasagna, or “Lasagne” is derived from the Greek word ‘Laganon’; the first known form of pasta. Laganon was not a traditional lasagna as we know it with traditional Italian ingredients, but it was composed of layers of pasta and sauce. So it basically got its name from the method in which it was made, not for its ingredients.

In anycase regardless from its origins, the Leman 2 Brothers enjoyed their dinner and spent time together this evening.  Have a look at our moment topped off with a amazing Lemon Pie !!!



“Second to none” Day

“Second to none” Day is a celebration in which all the members of Léman 2 get together and enjoy a day doing an activity, this time the chosen one has been paintball.

Before we started the nerves were high, paintball is an activity that requires the senses to work at 100%, once the teams were made and reviewed the safety rules we went into the different scenarios, each team developing their different strategies or just “save yourself if you can”.

We are not sure if there was a winning team, but what we can guarantee is that we had a good time, burnt adrenaline, and laughed in equal parts.

We look forward to the next “Second to None” Day.


Coach Tim

Tim is passionate about fitness and he decided to share his passion with the junior boys.

During his visits to Concha Blanca he passes on his knowledge and tries to raise awareness to the importance of exercise and its impact on our wellbeing and healthy growth.

We feel privileged to have dedicated and sensitive students who lead by example, like Tim. As a Senior student he really embodies the spirit we believe represents the values of RISE and we congratulate him for this initiative and the success it has… as visibly the junior boys, listen to him attentively.