Our trip to aqua park

Last week some members of our boarding house went to aqua park in Le Bouveret, it was an incredible trip, some of us try the most thrilling rides there called Booster loop

It is the most thrilling ride in this aqua park, because you starting the ride by staying on the floor, after that the floor falls and you fall down with very high speed.

Our trip started at 12 o’clock. When we arrived to Le Bouveret we realized that the aquapark in amazingly big, and that we will enjoy every ride there. There was a lot of very cool and fast rides, like Chute 2G, it is very similar to a of funnel, number 2 means a G-force which you get on this right, people who go there  enjoy this ride as well as me. I think that everybody enjoyed this trip and got a very high level of adrenaline on some rides. I think that everybody will be happy to go there again in future.

By Nikolay KOTLOV

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