Core Principle and Marginal gains

As we approach the end of the topic we decided to step back a little and have a little insight about our lives and how we manage our goals, as this is definitely an important part of our Well-being.

The video above, tells us about this inspiring experience, run by the Sky Cycling team and amongst other things, teaches us how little steps can play a big part in achieving higher goals. Sometimes we underestimate the importance of taking care of little things that can play an important part in a bigger picture. Our instinct is to look ahead and only aim at the final outcome but maybe this is something we should fight against.

As it states on this little tutorial, things like Commitment, Ownership and Responsibility lead to Excellence and these little features should be part of everything we do.

We felt this is fully within the scope of our Well-being topic because as a real team, we should all play together towards the same goal, and team spirit, support and effort are key elements to success in our House.

There is definitely a link between these facts in sports and in the boys’ academic life, in terms of preparation, making slight changes that can make a difference.

The boys seemed interested and we hope they could take some learnings out of this topic.

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